List of news items

Patrick's paper published in JFM!

16 Sep 2022

Patrick’s work on inertio-thermal vapour bubble modelling has been published in JFM! Congratulations to Patrick for the first publication of his PhD.

Duncan wins highly-prestigious RAEng fellowship!

30 Aug 2022

Duncan has won the highly-prestigious 5-year RAEng Research Fellowship for his proposal on using bulk nanobubbles for water disinfection Congratulations to Duncan, the full announcement by RAEng is here.

Carlos's paper published in JFM!

25 Jul 2022

Carlos’s work on disappearance of Knudsen mimimum in confined flows has been published in JFM! Congratulations to Carlos for his second PhD publication.

Sritay passes his viva!

15 Jul 2022

Yichong's paper published in Fuel!

15 May 2022

Yichong’s work on scattering kernels for kerogen has been published in Fuel! Congratulations to Yichong for the first publication of his PhD.

Sina promoted to Senior Lecturer

23 Mar 2022

Sina is promoted to Senior Lecturer. Congratulations, Sina!

Martin's paper published in Journal of Chemical Physics!

20 Dec 2021

Sritay's paper published in Nanoscale!

19 Nov 2021

Sritay’s recent work on boron nitride and carbon nanotube modelling has been published in Nanoscale! Congratulations to Sritay, and you can see his paper here.

Giorgos joins mfX as a PDRA!

25 Oct 2021

Giorgos Tatsios has joined mfX as a PDRA, and will be working with Matthew and Livio on their new EPSRC project. Welcome Giorgos!

Carlos's recent paper highlighted by Physics of Fluids!

18 Aug 2021

Carlos’s recent paper in Physics of Fluids has been higlighted as Editor’s pick! Congratulations to Carlos, and you can read his paper here.

Shaokang Li jons mfX as a PhD student!

03 Aug 2021

Martin passes his viva!

19 Jul 2021

Saikat and Sreehari win prestigious fellowships!

20 Jun 2021

Saikat and Sreehari have both won Early Career Fellowships from the Leverhulme Trust! These prestigious fellowships are awarded across the sciences, arts, and the humanities. Huge congratulations to the duo!

Patrick wins poster prize!

16 Apr 2021

Patrick won the Best Poster prize at the School PGR conference today in a strong field of 200+ candidates! A well-deserved congratulations to Patrick!

Welcome to new PhD students

01 Sep 2020

mfX welcomes two new PhD students, Yichong Chen and Abdullah El-Rifai, who will be working with Matthew and Rohit, respectively. Welcome Yichong and Abdullah!

Sreehari's paper makes front cover!

22 Jul 2020

Sreehari’s paper on the molecular physics of jumping nanodroplets amade the front cover of Nanoscale. Congratulations to Sreehari and Matthew!

Yonghao and Sina join to form mfX

01 Jul 2020

Professor Yonghao Zhang has joined University of Edinburgh as the inaugural Jason Reese Chair in Multiscale Fluid Mechanics, while Dr. Sina Haeri also joins as Lecturer. Welcome Yonghao and Sina to the newly-created mfX group!