Yichong Chen
PhD student
MSc, Imperial College London (2020)

I am a PhD student in the Institute for Multiscale Thermofluids at the University of Edinburgh. I received a BEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh in 2019, and an MSc degree in Engineering Fluid Mechanics from Imperial College London in 2020.

My research focuses on the scattering behaviour of gas molecules on the solid surface, which is essential to develop/find accurate boundary conditions for kinetic models that describe rarefied gas dynamics. In particular, I am investigating how the atomic-scale roughness and adsorption layerings affect the scattering dynamics and gas transport near the surface. I aim to couple the numerically obtained data from the high-fidelity molecular dynamics simulations with the scattering kernel theory, and try to improve the performance of classical models.

My Master’s research analysed the energetics behind the buoyancy-driven network flows. The investigation used direct numerical simulation, attempting to explain the flow patterns by following a ‘constitutive’ relation between buoyancy and volume flux.


Methane scattering on porous kerogen surfaces and its impact on mesopore transport in shale