Dr. Saikat Datta
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow
PhD, IIT Kharagpur (2018)
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I am a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. I obtained my Ph.D. in Mechanical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India. My research focuses on different aspects of multiphase flow ranging from micro- to nano-scales with a particular emphasis on fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and phase change. I have studied different aspects of droplet dynamics, condensation of steam bubbles, and molecular scale boiling, which includes: (i) influence of the external electric field, (ii) surface vibration, and (iii) influence of external heat flux. These types of multi-physics flow problems are becoming increasingly relevant for the innovation of energy-efficient engineering systems. It is also important for the development of next-generation equipment for biomedical and clinical applications.

My doctoral research analysed the dynamics of drops and its manipulation during electro-wetting and dielectrophoresis. In particular, I focused on including the nonlinear electro-hydrodynamic couplings such as interfacial charge transport, interface deformation, and resulting fluid motion.

My recent work includes investigation of bubble nucleation due to surface vibration. I am currently working on analysing gas flow in nano-scale porous media, which occurs during the exploration from shale gas reservoirs. I am also looking at developing a multiscale simulation-for-design framework to investigate de-icing using nanoscale vibration-driven (acoustothermal) heating.


Methane scattering on porous kerogen surfaces and its impact on mesopore transport in shale
Impact of surface nanostructure and wettability on interfacial ice physics
Acoustothermal Nucleation of Surface Nanobubbles