Dr. Wei Su
Assistant Professor, HKUST
PhD, Beihang University (2015)
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I am a Research Associate. I am originally from China, where I obtained my PhD certification in Aerospace Engineering at Beihang University. Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh, I had postdoctoral research experiences in the Italian National Research Council and the University of Strathclyde.

My research mainly focuses on the computational nonequilibrium gas dynamics, with emphasis on developing accurate and efficient numerical models and methods for kinetic equations and multiscale simulation. I am interested in studying the nonequilibrium gas flow phenomena with a variety of engineering applications, e.g., high-altitude flight, micro-electro-mechanical system, unconventional natural gas production, and vacuum science. I am also interested in the sophisticated modelling of nonequilibrium relaxation in shock-heated flow, occurring in the context of space exploration.

I am currently working on the development of simplified model for the Boltzmann-Enskog equation to describe the flow physics of confined dense gases.


Inertio-thermal vapour bubble growth
Multiscale simulation of molecular gas flows by the general synthetic iterative scheme
Fast Convergence and Asymptotic Preserving of the General Synthetic Iterative Scheme
Rarefied flow separation in microchannel with bends
GSIS: An efficient and accurate numerical method to obtain the apparent gas permeability of porous media
Can we find steady-state solutions to multiscale rarefied gas flows within dozens of iterations?
Implicit Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Boltzmann Equation
Accurate and efficient computation of the Boltzmann equation for Couette flow: Influence of intermolecular potentials on Knudsen layer function and viscous slip coefficient
A high-order hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin method with fast convergence to steady-state solutions of the gas kinetic equation