Welcome to the mfX research group!

We are a large computational group at the University of Edinburgh investigating a range of multiscale flow problems that target important engineering challenges of the 21st century in health, transport, water and energy. Our research spans fundamental engineering science at the nano/micro/meso/macro scales, multiscale method development, highly parallel software development that run on supercomputers, and industry-focused engineering applications.

Examples of our recent work include: non-equilibrium gas transport through porous media for safer oil/gas reservoir management; nano/micro bubble cavitation dynamics for disease targeting; nano/micro-engineered surfaces with improved performance (e.g. anti-icing, marine drag reduction, nanotube water filtration membranes, evaporating cooling nanopipes); liquid-surface damage analysis; granular and pedestrian flow predictions.

We actively collaborate with researchers from the UK and around the world, and engage with various industrial companies to adapt our techniques for their problems.


Sina is promoted to Senior Lecturer. Congratulations, Sina!

Posted 23 Mar 2022

Martin’s recent work on seeded MD of surface icing has been published in Journal of Chemical Physics, and a separate book chapter by Springer Press! Congratulations to Martin, and you can see his paper here, and book chapter at this link.

Posted 20 Dec 2021

Sritay’s recent work on boron nitride and carbon nanotube modelling has been published in Nanoscale! Congratulations to Sritay, and you can see his paper here.

Posted 19 Nov 2021

Giorgos Tatsios has joined mfX as a PDRA, and will be working with Matthew and Livio on their new EPSRC project. Welcome Giorgos!

Posted 25 Oct 2021

Carlos’s recent paper in Physics of Fluids has been higlighted as Editor’s pick! Congratulations to Carlos, and you can read his paper here.

Posted 18 Aug 2021
Latest Papers
Corral-Casas et al. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2022
Published 25 Jul 2022
Chen et al. Fuel 2022
Published 15 May 2022
Nikiforidis et al. J of Chem. Phys. 2021
Published 20 Dec 2021
Mistry et al. Nanoscale 2021
Published 07 Oct 2021
Corral-Casas et al. J of Chem. Phys. 2021
Published 18 Aug 2021
Li et al. Comput. Fluids 2021
Published 15 Aug 2021