Welcome to the mfX research group!

We are a large computational group at the University of Edinburgh investigating a range of multiscale flow problems that target important engineering challenges of the 21st century in health, transport, water and energy. Our research spans fundamental engineering science at the nano/micro/meso/macro scales, multiscale method development, highly parallel software development that run on supercomputers, and industry-focused engineering applications.

Examples of our recent work include: non-equilibrium gas transport through porous media for safer oil/gas reservoir management; nano/micro bubble cavitation dynamics for disease targeting; nano/micro-engineered surfaces with improved performance (e.g. anti-icing, marine drag reduction, nanotube water filtration membranes, evaporating cooling nanopipes); liquid-surface damage analysis; granular and pedestrian flow predictions.

We actively collaborate with researchers from the UK and around the world, and engage with various industrial companies to adapt our techniques for their problems.


Patrick’s work on inertio-thermal vapour bubble modelling has been published in JFM! Congratulations to Patrick for the first publication of his PhD.

Posted 16 Sep 2022

Duncan has won the highly-prestigious 5-year RAEng Research Fellowship for his proposal on using bulk nanobubbles for water disinfection Congratulations to Duncan, the full announcement by RAEng is here.

Posted 30 Aug 2022

Carlos’s work on disappearance of Knudsen mimimum in confined flows has been published in JFM! Congratulations to Carlos for his second PhD publication.

Posted 25 Jul 2022

Sritay passed his PhD viva today with minor corrections! Congratulations are in order to Dr. Sritay Mistry.

Posted 15 Jul 2022

Yichong’s work on scattering kernels for kerogen has been published in Fuel! Congratulations to Yichong for the first publication of his PhD.

Posted 15 May 2022
Latest Papers
Busuioc et al. J. Comput. Phys. 2023
Published 15 Feb 2023
P. Sullivan et al. JFM 2022
Published 16 Sep 2022
Corral-Casas et al. JFM 2022
Published 25 Jul 2022
Chen et al. Fuel 2022
Published 15 May 2022
Nikiforidis et al. J of Chem. Phys. 2021
Published 20 Dec 2021
Mistry et al. Nanoscale 2021
Published 07 Oct 2021