Dr. Livio Gibelli
PhD, Politecnico di Milano (2004)
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I graduated magna cum laude in Aerospace Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano in 1999, and I was awarded my PhD cum laude in Applied Mathematics at the same institution in 2004. My PhD thesis focused on the kinetic theory modelling of liquid-vapor flows. After getting the PhD, I moved to the University of British Columbia (2004-2006) as Research Associate to work on a project funded by the Canadian Space Agency that was devoted to better understanding the non-thermal processes that energize neutrals and ions in the upper ionosphere. Then, I returned to Italy as Assistant Professor, and I worked first at the Politecnico di Milano on different topics in the field of microfluidics (2006-2013), and then at Politecnico di Torino within two European projects on the mesoscopic modelling of human crowd (2013-2016). After two years at the University of Warwick (2016-2018), in 2018 I became Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh.


Thermal Oscillations of Nanobubbles
A weighted particle scheme for Enskog-Vlasov equation to simulate spherical nano-droplets/bubbles
Knudsen minimum disappearance in molecular-confined flows
Methane scattering on porous kerogen surfaces and its impact on mesopore transport in shale
Self-diffusivity of dense confined fluids
What is life? A perspective of the mathematical kinetic theory of active particles
Shock-induced collapse of surface nanobubbles
Forced oscillation dynamics of surface nanobubbles
Coupling Molecular Dynamics and Direct Simulation Monte Carlo using a general and high-performance code coupling library
Mean-field kinetic theory approach to Langmuir evaporation of polyatomic liquids
Dense gas flow simulations in ultra-tight confinement